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Year 1








Year 1


Year 1 hope to enjoy a great year filled with varied and exciting learning opportunities.


The Year 1 team are:

  • Miss Manley Class Teacher
  • Mrs Newman, Class Teacher
  • Miss Pugh, Trainee Teacher
  • Ms O'Regan, Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Worley, Reading Support


Having completed a successful transition from Reception, the Year 1 children continue to achieve successful learning in Literacy, Phonics, Mathematics, RE, Science and Topic.


In Year 1 the children have been taught a brand new handwriting style, forming letters with a clear lead in stoke and finishing the letter with a clear lead out stroke.


Year 1 follow both the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar scheme. They will complete a phonics test at the end of the year to determine their understanding of the sounds they have been taught. Parents can help at home by going through the ‘Speed Sounds’ at the front of their child’s reading book.


In Literacy the children follow the New Curriculum. They learn to take apart a text and discuss the plot, the characters and the setting. They use this learning to write their own stories and are encouraged to use drama and props to retell these stories to the class. They are introduced to a wealth of writing, both fiction and non-fiction; they learn about the features of non-fiction writing and use this to write their own. The children learn to appreciate poetry through a variety of different poets, discussing the use of rhyme and rhythm. They are encouraged to form their own opinions and express these ideas during turn-taking discussions. They are also enabled to become independent learners, reading their own work and checking to make sure their writing makes sense.


In Maths the children follow the New Curriculum. The children will learn to appreciate and understand the fundamentals of maths and develop their understanding of number facts. The scheme reinforces addition and subtraction, as well as introducing basic multiplication and division. The children use physical resources to practice and reinforce their understanding of mathematical concepts; they then apply this in mental maths and problem solving. The children will also complete maths investigations, using real-life examples to bring maths to life in the classroom.


RE is taught through the Come and See scheme, which is consistent throughout the school. The scheme aims to deliver a rich learning experience for the children which will deepen their knowledge and develop their understanding key theological ideas and their application to life. Ample opportunities will be offered for children to apply and use their knowledge and skills in order to deepen their understanding of religious truths. Engagement with their own and others’ beliefs and values will help to develop good attitudes and dispositions so that children are instilled with a love of learning. Engagement with difficult questions of meaning and purpose which everyone has to face will enable them to think creatively about their own questions of meaning and purpose. Finally, the scheme will offer children a sense of self-worth through their experience of belonging to a caring community and an awareness of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.


Finally, the children are given an opportunity to experience a wealth of different learning through their Science and Topic learning. The children will use practical and real-life experiences to enhance their learning – for example planting and caring for their own plants. They will carry out investigations and record the results, further developing their Literacy skills.


Home Help


In Year One the children are expected to complete one piece of homework a week. This is sent home on a Monday and is expected back on Friday of the same week.


Each week the children will be given a new list of spellings. These are stuck into their spellings book on a Monday and should be practised every day until the spelling test on the Friday. The spellings will usually correlate to that week’s phonics learning and parents can help by encouraging children to practise their spellings daily.


Reading books are sent home every day. Children are expected to read daily and parents should record when their child has read their reading book. Reading books cannot be changed until the child has read their book both at home and in school.


In Year 1 there is a particular emphasis placed on children’s phonic learning. Parents can help by reading through the sounds and words sent home on a regular basis, ensuring children decode both the real and alien words.


To download a copy of the curriculum map please click HERE

Gallery - See what has been going on in class this month

Year 1 children planting seeds as part of their Science Learning.

Practising hand-eye coordination and teamwork by

throwing a ball between teams in PE.

Baking some yummy gingerbread men!

Using towers of cubes to practise the ‘er’ and ‘est’ ending.

Studying the map during an exciting trip to the Wetlands Centre!

Using counters in Mathematics to help with our adding.

Using lot of different materials to create a fantastic setting!


Dressing up for World Book Day!

Taking our Maths outside and practising our sharing into groups.

We really enjoyed our airport experience day last term. We had a fun filled morning of making vehicles to travel to the airport, holiday planning, exploring the holiday shop, exchanging currency at the Bureau de Change and exploring hot and cold holiday destinations. But the highlight of the day had to be arriving at the airport with passports and boarding passes, going through checking and security before boarding St John Airways and enjoying an inflight movie and snacks.


 We then used 10s frames to help us to learn how to bridge to 10 when adding and subtracting within 20.

We really enjoyed reading the story Tyrannosaurs Drip. We were very surprised to see a photograph of the T-Rex’s from the story trying to get in to our playground. We had lots of fun designing our own traps for the dinosaurs in the playground and writing instructions on how to build them.

Let’s hope it keeps them away !!!!

In Maths we have been exploring number bonds to 20 and enjoyed the challenge of creating paperchains to show each of the ways you can make 20. We found that there are 21 different ways.

We learnt about the importance of following instructions carefully and in order when we were set the challenge of making a dinosaur biscuit. We had to follow a set of instructions to see if we could make a biscuit that looked exactly like the mystery biscuit.

During Internet safety week we thought about the ways we are connected to each other. By passing the wool around the circle we were able to share the positive ways we connect with our friends.

We talked about how we can stay safe when we connect with people online.

In Year 1 we are privileged to have weekly sessions with the Sisters of Charity. We really enjoy exploring the stories of Jesus in more depth through Godly play. We have also deepened our understanding of the church, symbols and special celebrations through the exploration of items that are used during mass.

We were very excited to investigate which type of paper would be best to carry water. We made cones out of the different types of paper and timed how long it took for each type to leak when filled with water.

We then explored connecting to others online by creating our own class blog. We each created a dinosaur on 2paint and added them to a class blog using the JIT webby programme.